MY FAT FRIEND!!!! He lives in my garden and we see him out there every day he’s SO SO SO big I wish I could show some size comparison because he’s bigger than the palm of my hand, I love h im so much

taking a break from the new TEN PAGE (!!!) Ghost & Friends comic to draw
more ghost & friends



Look at this lil cutie! Her name is Bulldozer and she’s an albino C. cranwelli.

I have a problem and it is Frogs.

LOOK AT MY BOYFRIENDS NEW FROG!!! she is a tough lil princess I’m in love with her

disney world has betrayed me

I’ve been trying to design a Kittenpillar mascot for a LONG time. It’s been my username for everything and I’ve never been able to get a set drawing down of it. but so far this is looking p cute?? right??????

I was about to make a post about how I love moomin so much but then I remembered I never showed you guys this!!! My sweet and kind friend ravioliraviyolo went to Japan and got me some COOL GOODIES!! She got me a Moomin & Amalka keychains (which I plan on putting on my new camera once it comes in!) which I absolutely LOVE. I honestly cried when getting this package I was so touched and so happy!!! She also wrote me a sweet letter with lots of cute and great drawings (including a super cute havala!! Ahhh!!!), and a drawing by REBECCA SUGAR with REBECCA SUGAR’S autograph (!!!!!) who has always been one of my all-time favorite artists. I can’t explain how absolutely amazing this was and how special and happy it made me feel, thank you so much, Christina! I plan on sending her a letter and some art and goodies once I get back from Disney World!

me upon realizing that I am actually, indeed, a very cute individual

my theme song

I, like, just remembered how cute I am
wtf I’m so cute. wtf.
and I like such cute things and I have cute interests. im the cutest

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