Help spread the word! I’d really like for the blog to be useful to the art community as well as… everyone else! I’m also open to any feedback on what to add/change to the blog. :)

The blog still doesn’t have a large enough audience to be really useful to everyone. Please continue spreading the word!

announcement .…

I have to up my queue!!

There’s things sitting in there that I queued months ago and I just want them out already, so I’m sorry!!

If you don’t like the kind of stuff I reblog and like my art: I have an art blog!!!!!

new glasses swag 💃💃💃💃

Anonymous asked: how you make your icon transparent, i try that once but it didn't get transparent

It’s actually not transparent at all! I just used the same blue for the background that’s on the dash. When I actually made it transparent it was a slightly darker blue and who wants that

im taking monster high requests @kittenpillar!


The Bug Orchestra, Autumn Fairies and Milkweed Ballet

The Nutcracker Suite from Walt Disney’s Fantasia, 1940

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