i really dont understand how people can dislike Jiminy Cricket he is So Charming

(i like to take artistic liberty with his design though lmao he must be more crickety he must have 6 legs he Must)


ho hum the tune is dumb
the words don’t mean a thing
isn’t this a silly song for anyone to sing

just doodling my favs!!!

I also REALLY love Grumpy but his merchandise is SO bad that I can’t help but want to hate him and feel embarrassed to admit how much I like him

but he’s like the classic tsundere….… .. i luv him…

the 7 dwarfs are so aesthetically pleasing to me i want to kiss each of them on their big red noses

that’s it for Ghost & Friends doodles (for tonight???) I should have probably posted them on the official G&F blog but eh

how did anyone dislike Lester I mean really now


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if you read any Ghost & Friends comics please read this 4-parter, it’s my favorite. the one that introduced Lester was good too, even though so many people hate him (???!!!???)

I miss these turds SO much

who brought these memes into my drive-in

toad is my darling prince now and forever

I found this sitting in my drafts

I wasn’t sure if i was gonna post this or not but look I held an alligator (my fav!!!!!!!!!!!)

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